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68761 Punctal Plug
68840 Probing of lacrimal canaliculi MOD-E1, MOD-E2, MO
76519 MCR-FL
87809 swab test for viral conjunctivitis
92020 92285 MCR-CA NHIC
92070 Banding Contact Lens
92135 OCT
After Hours E & M Visit 99050
All Carriers NC MCR-NC MCD-NC BCBS-NC Blepharoplasty -
Anterior Segment Photos 99285 BCBS-PA
A-Scan Vendors
BCBS-WV - Highmark E & M Audit Form
Bilateral Surgery Modifier - 92135 OCT GDX Fiber Analzy
Bilateral Versus Unilateral Eye codes
Botox 64612
Botox MCD-AR MCD-LA, MCD-RI, Pinnacle
B-Scan 76512
Can I substitute perimetry (Visual Field Exam) for the
CC HPI and Reporting Routine Vision Care
coding consultant - Lee Asbell - Sample exam form
Common Lab Tests for eyecare (optometry)
Corneal pachymetry (76514)
Corneal Topography 92025
CPT 99058 RVU Interruption of Schedule Charge
Dacryoplasty (DCP) Dacryocystorhinostomy with intubatio
Dilation - Optomap Plus - Eye Exam Codes
Dilation of Pupils - Refusal decline opt out
Dilation Refusal Decline opt op
Disruption of Schedule Code 99058
E & M and Neurological/Psychiatric elements
E & M Exam MCR-RI 990xx
E & M Optometry Cigna-CT Payment
E & M versus Eye Exam Codes
Evaluation and Management Audit form (E & M)
Exam Codes 920xx Payment
Exam Element: external ocular adexa
Extended Ophthalmoscopy 92225
External Ophthalmoscopy 92225 MCR-FL
Eye exam Documentation
Eyecare Diagnostic testing documentation aid
Focal laser therapy 67210
Frequency Doubling Technology Visante 92083
Fundus Photography - 92250
GDX, OCT, Fiber Analyzer, 92135, PDF 16 pages - Vendor
Global Days / Global Period
High Risk Medications (adverse effects)

History of Present Illness (HPI)
HPI Elements List
Humphreys Test substitute for Confrontation Fields Exam
Intermediate and Comprehensive Eye Exam (920xx)
Interpretation and Report documentation requirements fo
Interruption of Schedule 99058
Lacrimal Punctum Closure - Trailblazer MCR-TX
Low Vision Services MCR-MI WPS Denied
Macular / Foveal Translocation Aetna
MCD-NC Coding Articles
Medical Decision Making (MDM)
Medicare Guidelines E & M Services
Medicare Main Web Site
Medicare Reimbursement For MP-1 Micro Perimeter
MOD-25 with Eye Exam Codes (920xx)
MOD-TC, MOD-26, 76519, A-SCAN; 92136, OCB
National Government Services NGS 92135 OCT
NCCI Edit 76514 92286
Obtaining Reimbursement for OCT GDX SCODI Exams
OCT GDX Fiber Analyzer 92135 MCR-FL

Optomap Plus - Dilation - retinal imaging
Optomap Plus 92250
Pachymetry - 76514
Panretinal laser photocoagulation (PRP)67228
Preferential Hyperacuity Perimeter (PHP)
Provocative testing (primary open-angle glaucoma)
Read the Introduction First !
Reporting IOL Power Calculation and B-Scan on same DOS
ROS Review of Systems "All other Systems Negative."
Schirmers Test 95060 92499
Specimen handling Codes
Tonometry and Pressure Tests for IOP and Glaucoma
Trailblazer Medicare - Eye Exam requirements
Trailblazer Medicare J4 MCR-CO, MCR-NM, MCR-OK, MCR-TX
Vision Plans - Reporting - General
Visual Field Exam
Visual Field Exam (9208x)
Visual Field Exam (Goldman)
Visual Field Exam 92083 AETNA-PA
Visual Field Exam 92083 MCR-AL
Visual Field Exam MOD-76
Visual Field Examination - Trailblazer Medicare
What is Transfer of care


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